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I am an Online Pioneer and Proven Entrepreneur located in Boston, Massachusetts. I have built 3 venture backed start-ups with successful exits and have successfully launched over 50- Market leading products.

Growth Agent

As a proven innovator, I often look at current market dynamics and technology trends to discover significant value creation opportunities and then work with management to leverage their technology and/or market position to create significant market value.

Executive Board Member

Taking an active, operational, executive board seat, I work with the management of the Company, to develop a strategic plan to build on the core strengths and value of the company and then I actively engage in the execution of that plan to maximize value return to the company’s investors and management.


All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible!

T.E. Lawrence

One Man – One Mission

Bringing a diverse range of experience, management skills, creative ideas, and leadership to the table.

Robert Frasca

Robert Frasca

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Robert Frasca

Robert Frasca

Rob is an experienced entrepreneur & proven product leader that has successfully developed and launched over 50-market leading products. He has built 3 venture backed start-ups with successful exits. He sold first Company in 1995, pre-Yahoo and his second company to Lycos, where he became VP & GM of the number 2 Internet portal at that time. Affinnova, his third company is currently a market leader within its space, achieving exceptional growth.

An Internet pioneer, even before the world knew names such as Yahoo and Netscape, way back in 1994, Rob had the VISION of creating a company focused on ecommerce and online personal finance. While studying for his MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School, he and his business partner, Joel Maske, decided to start Galt Technologies, one of the first companies focused solely on ecommerce.

As CEO, Rob guided Galt’s investment websit, NETworth, from inception to become one of the premier Web finance destinations before selling the company to Intuit in 1995. NETworth was the first commercially available stock quote web site on the Internet. Today the site is integrated within the Quicken Financial Network.

Since the early days of Galt, Rob has successfully created many other companies. He has pioneered search engine technology among many things creating the first available MP3 search. He established one of the largest online communities and built a significant 3D virtual world. One of his companies even uses genetic algorithms to do consumer product design. Rob is always looking beyond the horizon for the next opportunity to create something extraordinary.

A wonderful guest speaker, Rob has inspired countless budding entrepreneurs to “jump on in” and take the steps necessary to follow their visions and accomplish their dreams.

Rob has spoken at several investment conferences and has been featured in several publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Newsweek. Rob has also been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Carnegie Mellon Graduate School of Industrial Administration and Babson Graduate School of Business.

Managing Partner

I am Managing Partner of COSIMO Venture Partners; We provide an active management approach for the growth acceleration of great technology companies across the globe.


My Blog

Creative Thoughts, Commentary and Ideas: Connecting The Dots.

20+ Years Experience

Each company makes me even more hungry, hungry for more success, more innovation and at least some more PIZZA. As a result I am constantly striving to deliver a better service.

Product Strategy
Growth Agent
I can't stop working

Passion is the Fuel Of Life

Passion is critical to success and therefore my first priority in everything I do is to create enduring Passion. I do this with enthusiasm, drive but most of all solid, experienced LEADERSHIP.

Passion is about Pursuit

It is not passive. People with passion are driven to pursue and create. They may read books and observe others, but they are not content being bystanders. They feel an overwhelming urge to engage, to experience for themselves and to test their own capabilities. Passion compels us to act.

Passion is about Performance

People pursuing their passion have a clear sense of performance metrics.

Passion is about Progression

Passionate people constantly seek new challenges and opportunities to drive their performance to new levels. For passionate people, achieving their full potential has little meaning. They see that their potential is constantly being expanded by new possibilities.

Passion is about Connecting

passion leads us to seek out and connect with others sharing our passion. We intuitively understand that the best way for us to advance is to connect with and learn from others.

Passion is about Risk Taking

Passion diminishes perceptions of risk and amplifies perceptions of reward.

Passion is about Gravity

Passionate people are deeply creative in seeking out and pulling in resources that will help them to pursue their passion. But passion also pulls in another dimension as well. People who pursue their passions inevitably create beacons that attract others who share their passion.

Creative Innovation